The 3rd Edition of ASTM International Standards for Sustainability in Buildings is now available on CD-ROM.

The 3rd Edition of ASTM International Standards for Sustainability in Buildingsis now available on CD-ROM.  This  new compilation includes all of the ASTM standards that are referenced by the  U.S. Federal Green Construction Guide for Specifiers as of January 2007, and  is a “must-have” for all those in the public and private sector who must meet  the growing demand for sustainable building.

The new edition includes 143 ASTM standards that address the sustainable  design, construction and operation of products used in building.  These  standards deal with various aspects of sustainability for a particular  building material and the general principles for life cycle assessment.   Standards cover site and ecosystems, water, energy, materials, indoor air  quality and operations.

The CD-ROM is a valuable resource for planners and developers; architects;  landscapers; engineers; general contractors and subcontractors; financial  organizations related to building industry; insurance organizations; building  materials and product manufacturers; and government agencies, including  building officials.

Copies of ASTM International Standards for Sustainability in Buildings, 3rd  Edition, are available for $260 in CD-ROM (ISBN:  978-0-8031-5615-9; stock  #GREENCD07) from ASTM Customer Service (phone: 610/832-9585; fax: 610/832- 9555; or online at