Electric radiant heating system manufacturer Orbit Radiant Heating has upgraded its entire line of snow and ice melting systems featuring Nexans electric heating cables.

Electric radiant heating system manufacturerOrbit Radiant Heatinghas upgraded its entire line of snow and ice melting systems featuringNexanselectric heating cables. It includes an optional remote control panel to operate the system's controls from inside the home or building. 

About the same size as a standard light switch, the new remote control integrates into any home or business environment, while providing exceptionally increased ease-of-use, since users no longer need to brave the elements to turn on the snowmelting system. The remote controls a 90-minute timer and displays the system's operating status. 

The new control connects directly to the exterior moisture and temperature sensor, which communicates with the system's control panel. This keeps any additional costs of installation to a minimum, since installers need only run one additional wire from the sensor to the control panel.

For interior floor warming, Nexans cable provides ready-to-install sets ranging from 300 W to 3,100 W to accommodate installation areas from 20 square feet to 310 square feet. Customized cable lengths also are available for larger indoor and outdoor applications. The cable is available for 120 V through 480 V applications.