Taco Inc. and its FloPro Team presented a free webcast Nov. 13 on variable speed pumping. See it now at www.taco-hvac.com.

Taco Inc.and its FloPro Team presented a free webcast Nov. 13 where Taco trainer John Barba discuss ed “Variable Speed Pumping: It’s Not New, and It’s Not Hard to Do.”

The 30-minute webinar covered real-world practical applications of variable speed circulators. It is now archived at the Taco website: www.taco-hvac.com.

Viewers will learn:
  • How variable speed circulators work.
  • How to select the right one.
  • The difference between Delta T and Delta P.
  • Where and when to use a variable speed circulator, and, just as important, when and were you don’t need one.
You’ll also get an up-close look at the Taco “00” Variable Speed Circulators, and learn how to wire and program these simple yet powerful additions to your hydronics line-up.

For more details, visitwww.Taco-HVAC.comand click on the FloPro Team webcast image on the left side of the homepage.