Prime Minister Roland Koch handed over the German high honor to Roth for his honorary work and social commitment.

Hessen Prime Minister Roland Koch (left) handed over Germany’s Federal Cross of Merit to Manfred Roth (center) for his honorary work and social commitment. Photo courtesy of Oberhessische Presse.

Hessen’s Prime MinisterRoland Kochawarded the Federal Cross of Merit on ribbon of the Federal Republic of Germany toManfred Roth(Roth Industries) in November for his honorary work and social commitment.

At the annual reception of the chambers of commerce, Koch told the 500 guests that while the market rewards Roth for his business achievement, this honor highlights the fact that “For Manfred Roth, business responsibility does not end at the factory gate,” noted Koch.

Roth’s social commitments include offering time for apprenticeship programs and further education programs of his own enterprises, as well as in regional schools and universities

As a president of the chamber of commerce of Dillenburg, Roth fought for many years for the interests of the economy. He set among other things the course for the forthcoming fusion of the IHK districts Dillenburg and Wetzlar.

Today he is an honorary president of the chamber Dillenburg.  He also took over the important task of commercial judge at the local court in Marburg.

Roth supports cultural organizations as well. The “Eckelshausener Musiktage” took place in the Roth Atrium, and Roth donated the under-floor heating systems for the renovation of the “Frauenkirche” in Dresden.

“All these projects were never obligation for me but rather offered fulfillment,” Roth the guests. “The engaged and innovative work of my employees offers the basis for my work.” With that said, Manfred Roth passed his decoration to his employees.