Angie’s List launched LeadFeed, a product designed to capture demand from free online visitors and turn that demand into leads for service providers. Each year more than 100 million unique visitors come to Angie’s List searching for home improvement services. More than 85% of those consumers are not yet Angie’s List members. LeadFeed is designed to connect those nonmembers to service providers.

“LeadFeed enables us to directly connect these visitors to highly rated service providers while monetizing more of the massive amount of traffic that comes to our website,” explained Angie’s List President and CEO Scott Durchslag.

When visiting the Angie’s List website, nonmembers will receive a message which will prompt them to start their project by submitting the details of their service request. Angie’s List will send these project details to its network of qualified service providers. Based on their interest and availability, participating service providers will then quickly reach out to the consumer.

Developed in response to direct feedback from service providers, LeadFeed builds upon the benefits that Angie’s List advertisers already realize from members. Service providers can access leads if and when they choose, providing flexibility and control to complement their existing businesses with incremental new, nonmember leads.

Approximately 25 categories are covered, including plumbing, HVAC, remodeling and electrical. Service providers will pay from $7 to $100 per lead, depending on the category and project, as well as a platform fee of $499 per year or $49.99 per month. A background check is required. Find more information at