The New Flat Rate moved to a new location in Dalton, Ga., that houses modernized office space and a training center for technicians and contractors. The training center launched on Aug. 24 under the leadership of Vice President and Senior Trainer Matt Koop.

“Because I and our other trainers are technicians and business owners alike, we relate to the attendees on a much more personal level, so the content we share is accepted and imprinted much more quickly,” Koop said.

Staff from 10 companies attended TNFR’s inaugural training sessions in late August. They came from several states, including Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Virginia, Alabama and Georgia.

Training sessions are delivered in a classroom style with role-playing and live interaction between attendees to learn how to use TNFR’s menu pricing system to boost service call close rates while avoiding high-pressure sales tactics. TNFR’s training is designed to match its mission of helping clients to improve consumer satisfaction, reduce technician stress and increase profitability.

Read here for more about upcoming training sessions.