Tool for basket strainer installs

When installing basket strainers for 33-in. by 22-in. kitchen sink bowls, I cut a 16-in. piece of 1-in. by 4-in. wood and make the square ends round. I then cut a notch in the center to accept a smart dumbbell spud wrench in a tight fit. Set the smart dumbbell in the basket and put the wooden piece on the diagonal. This will keep the basket from turning during assembly. One man can install the fittings with large locknuts.

Robert Kline

Kline Plumbing Co.

Cortez, Colo.

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Leak-proof waste fitting

When removing a knurled knob with the rubber insert from a waste fitting, quite often the rubber is lost or is no good. Take a short piece of Teflon tape and, with your fingers, form a spitball. Insert the spitball into the knurled knob. It is permanent, inexpensive and won't leak.

David G. Sherman

DGS Plumbing

Yarmouth, Mass.


Bathroom rough-in protection

When roughing in a new bathroom, the 4-in. lead bend sticks through the floor. I wrap the exposed lead bend with a piece of foam pipe covering so the tile installer doesn’t put cement right up to it. When the floor is done, I pull off the pipe covering from the lead bend and there is room for the flange.

Ralph F. Paglia

Owl Plumbing & Heating

Richmond Hill, N.Y.