Letters to the Editor — October 2014


Sales drive the business engine

I really enjoyed Al Levi’s column, “Selling With Passion,” in Plumbing & Mechanical’s August 2014 issue. I have been an advocate and student of selling skills for my whole career. I learned very early on that in business nothing happens until a sale is made. It’s sales that drive the business engine. I believe that every business owner/manager has a responsibility to teach and mentor his or her sales teams to be the very best that they can be.

Selling is a skill and it must be taught, learned and practiced.


Hank Darlington

Darlington Consulting

Gold River, Calif.



Water softening and ion exchange

In Nadia Askar’s article,  “What’s the water like?” (August 2014 PM; Summer 2014 Green Plumbing & Heating) she presents the NuvoH2O as a salt-free water softener. Did the manufacturer provide any data that showed the water “testing” as soft water?

My understanding is if there is not a reduction in grains per gal. from ion exchange, it is not, by definition, soft water. If ion exchange doesn’t occur, wouldn’t this system be better categorized as a descaler? Granted, NuvoH2O is a different technology from magnets or delivering a frequency throughout a home’s plumbing. But if the calcium and magnesium remain in the water — suspended, bound together or isolated — I don’t see how it can be considered a viable alternative to soft water.


Bryan Huskisson

TLC Plumbing

Albuquerque, N.M.


NuvoH2O replies:

As with most new or disruptive technology, it is often difficult to categorize, especially if you are familiar with the existing technology. The term “hard water” was originally used because things exposed to the water were hard to clean.  “Water softener” became the description of devices that solved the problem.

Until now, the traditional solution has been ion exchange, so naturally water softener became synonymous with ion exchange.

We solve the problem by binding and sequestering the minerals and manipulating the water’s pH so the minerals are essentially neutralized. By that definition, our product is a water softener.