Xylem Group, LLC has changed its corporate name to Xync Brands, LLC. Also changed is the former Xylem product brand name — now Ryvyr — and its former Xylem Hospitality division name, which has become Xync Contract. The name changes of the Roswell, GA-based company take effect immediately. 

Xylem changed its name to Xync.

With a concentration in the kitchen and bath industry, Xync Brands president Hal Weinstein plans to take the new Ryvyr brand name to market with an array of upcoming, exciting new products. “The brand name Ryvyr, a playful variation of the word river, represents flowing ingenuity from which streams of products designed and crafted for total satisfaction will stem,” said Weinstein, adding that Ryvyr product designs will be named after a river somewhere in the world.

Using the existing global manufacturing reach of Xync Brands, products constructed under the Ryvyr brand name promise to deliver exceptional design and function. The unique product offering includes sophisticated transitional designs, as well as traditional to European modern.

 “The Ryvyr motto — Where Ideas Flow — is more than a slogan to our team,” Weinstein said, “it’s our mantra that drives us to bring a continual flow of outstanding products to market and to our clients’ homes.”