Compression gasket install

When installing a no-caulk shower drain, I found the best way to install the compression gasket is to use a 2-in. PVC coupling and a rubber mallet. When you’re ready to hook up the no-caulk shower drain, place the 2-in. coupling on top of the compression gasket. Lightly hit the top of the coupling until the gasket is in the desired position. Then tighten the compression nut for an even, tight fit.  I guarantee this will not damage the gasket and you will have a no-leak seal every time.


Chad Wittstruck
Snell Services
Maxwell, Neb.


Replace cutting oil with Dawn

When threading brass or stainless steel for a water line installation or to maintain sanitary conditions, use regular Dawn dishwashing detergent in place of the cutting oil. It lubricates, cools and cleans the threads. And it will save you the grief of possibly spilling oil on the customer’s premises.                


Brian Danielson
New Pioneer Plumbing & Heating
Minden, Nev.

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Inspect tight spots easier

A powder compact from your wife’s or girlfriend’s make-up bag is a great tool to keep on the truck. I use it to look into tight spots. The small size and moveable mirror are perfect for peering into traps, at pipe hidden in perimeter bays over the foundation of structures or even the back side of connection joints.


Mike Jensen
Ocean Mechanical
Long Beach Island, N.J.