The 2014 ACCA Conference, March 17-19 in Nashville, Tenn., included a radiant and hydronics track sponsored by the group’s Radiant & Hydronics Council. Topics over the three days included designing and installing mechanical systems in large homes (Dan Foley of Foley Mechanical), growing a successful hydronics business (Brian Stack of Stack Heating and Cooling), do’s and don’ts of installing modulating/condensing boilers, when not to use potable water for hydronic systems, and commercial radiant cooling systems embedded in concrete.

Jeff Personsof Geo Source One noted that potable water with a high mineral content can create high electrical conductivity. Soft water with low mineral content can cause dezincification of pipe, valves and fittings, even leaving white, fuzzy deposits on brass valves.

“Research the water chemistry of a project,” he said. “If adding deionized water to a system, make sure to add a corrosion inhibitor, too.”