For Nexstar members, this spring is all about building the “dream team” that contractors want — customer service reps, dispatchers, service technicians and management — to build and strengthen their companies. The two-day sessions in Phoenix, Chicago and Boston focused on the themes of marketing to prospective employees, screening those prospects, interviewing techniques and questions to get the right hire, the hiring process and then bringing those new hires into the business.

Melissa DeLay of TruPerception told attendees that image is critical when attracting employees.

“Prospective employees want to believe that companies care about them,” she said. “They have to know that the work they do matters, that they are part of a bigger picture. Once they believe that, they will work harder for you.”

Because recruiting for new employees should be an ongoing endeavor, Nexstar unveiled written and video job descriptions that members can post on their websites to attract new employees.

Nexstar’s Super Meeting is scheduled for Sept. 17-19 in Phoenix.