PM Hydronics Editor John Siegenthaler and longtime columnist Dan Holohan will present educational sessions Jan. 22, 2014, at PM LIVE! during the AHR Expo in New York City.

In “Hydronics for High-Efficiency Wood- and Pellet-Fueled Boilers,” Siegenthaler will show attendees how to design combisystems that use high-efficiency wood-gasification boilers, pellet-fueled boilers, and components for space heat and domestic hot water. Use of these renewable energy systems is growing in the Northeast and other regions in schools, residences and other applications.

In “Dead Men’s Steam School,” Holohan will show attendees how to troubleshoot steam systems found in older buildings in the Northeast and elsewhere. He will provide an overview of these systems as well as discuss their component products.

American Institute of Architects credits will be available to attendees of these sessions. Online registration is open at