IAPMO R&T, a leading developer of standards for the plumbing, mechanical and solar industries, confirmed approval of the new standard IAPMO/ANSI S1001.1, Design and Installation of Solar Water Heating Systems, by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as an American National Standard.

IAPMO’s S1001 Solar Standards Technical Subcommittee members met in a collaborative and open process to develop a solar water heating system standard that is completely transparent and reflects the technical realities of today’s solar heating marketplace.


Purposes of the solar water heating systems standard

The purposes of this standard are to:

  • Establish generally acceptable minimum quality criteria for the design and installation of residential and small commercial solar water heating systems;
  • To serve as a guide for manufacturers, distributors, architects, engineers, contractors, code authorities, program administrators and end-users;
  • To promote understanding regarding materials, manufacture and installation;
  • To form a basis for fair competition;
  • and To provide a basis for consistency and fitness for use of solar water heating systems.