International Code Council members and others with an interest in public safety in the built environment have begun to use the first version of cdpACCESS — the new, cloud-based tool built exclusively for ICC’s code development process (cdp).

Once referred to as remote voting, cdpACCESS can also create code change proposals and submit them online. Code change proposals for ICC Group C for the International Green Construction Code are due by January 10, 2014.

“The ultimate goal is to provide a superior way to develop codes and increase participation in code development,” said ICC CEO Dominic Sims, CBO. “We are confident that code development participants and public safety will benefit from cdpACCESS.”


Additional features relative to the code development process

In the coming weeks additional features will be rolled out in stages based on the steps in the code development process. These features will include:

  • Online collaboration with one or many colleagues;
  • View, download and print the Code Change Agenda;
  • Online submittal of floor modifications at the Committee Action Hearing;
  • Online vote on assembly floor motions following the Committee Action Hearing;
  • View, download and print the Report of the Committee Action Hearing;
  • Online creation and submittal of public comments to the Committee Action Hearing results;
  • View, download and print the Public Comment Agenda; and
  • Online voting on proposed code changes/public comments following the Public Comment Hearing.

“ICC is taking a bold step to transform the way building safety codes are developed,” said ICC Board President Stephen D. Jones, CBO. “Every effort was made to design cdpACCESS to build a user friendly online experience. We think you will be pleased with the results, and we are expecting to make continuous improvements as we receive feedback.”

All ICC Members are eligible to vote online on assembly floor motions. Only Governmental Member Voting Representatives and Honorary Members can vote on proposed code changes/public comments. cdpACCESS allows you to participate in code development from a computer or tablet, when you cannot attend in person.

ICC has extensively tested cdpACCESS on a wide variety of Windows and Apple computers and the iPad. cdpACCESS is designed for use on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome. Internet Explorer version 7 and earlier versions are not supported. Analysis of ICC website traffic has shown this will affect a very small percentage of users. 


Group C online code change submittal deadline is Jan. 10, 2014

cdpACCESS is now the way to submit code changes to the International Green Construction Code (IgCC) for the 2014 Group C Committee Action Hearings, April 27–May 4, in Memphis, Tenn. To provide participants additional time to become familiar with cdpACCESS, and due to the year-end holidays, ICC extended the Group C online code change submittal deadline to Jan. 10 from Jan. 6, 2014.

Online voting on assembly motions made at the Committee Action Hearings will take place after hearings.
Support for cdpACCESS includes help by phone and email to answer questions, receive comments and suggestions, and report any system errors. The toll-free cdpACCESS hotline is 855-ICC-CDP-1 (422-2371); email can be sent to

A schedule of free cdpACCESS webinars can be viewed at To see answers to questions about cdpACCESS, go to

The concept of online participation in ICC’s Code Development Process dates back to 2001 when off-site voting on code changes was used by the three model code organizations that later consolidated to become the Code Council.