TDIndustries ServiceLINK application. [Photo courtesy of TDIndustries.]

Dallas-based mechanical contractor TDIndustries is rolling out its new Web-based ServiceLINK maintenance program to its 1,700 customers in response to the highly successful pilot program completed last year. The new online service enables customers to place service requests, review maintenance activities, review maintenance history and communicate with TDIndustries’ service representatives.

According to TDIndustries’Bob Wilken, executive vice president of the Service Group, “ServiceLINK enables us to track the entire history of our customer relationships, including equipment, account management and service calls, all in real time. The program is free to our customers, accessible online and helps us deliver outstanding service year-round.”

Any customer with a TD service agreement has free access to the ServiceLINK online portal at To expedite service calls, TD professionals utilize a handheld GPS device on-site, ensuring accuracy of reporting information, including time and billing on the call.  The process streamlines recordkeeping and ensures consistency.

ServiceLINK also provides a complete history of service calls for each customer offering greater detail and background information to ensure proper servicing of each call. TD technicians receive work orders electronically on their mobile devices. Wireless data communication keeps them in real-time contact with each other and the office, allowing TD to provide real-time feedback on the status of work being performed at the customer’s location.

The ServiceLINK program has been in development since 2005. For more information, go