Running control wire with ease

Running control wires in a wall that has a double ceiling, multiple plates or fire stops can be frustrating. To solve this, I use pieces of 1/4” tubing. I drill my holes first. I use the tubing to guide the snake through the holes that I drilled. Since the tubing is more rigid, it will follow the holes easier. I then push the snake or wire through the tubing.

Smaller wire such as thermostat wire can be pushed through the tubing without a snake. Nonmetallic (NM) wire and metallic-sheathed (BX) wire can be attached to the snake as they are pushed through the tubing. The result is that the wire or snake ends up where you need it — and you save a lot of time when you don’t have to search for your snake through the holes.

Greg Szumowski
Miller Place, N.Y.

Versatile tool

I recently purchased an oscillating saw that has made many of my repair jobs easy, saving time. I use it to cut off bolts between the toilet tank and bowl, cut rings off sink rings and lavatory tailpieces, and access holes in walls.

Dan Faunce
Dan Faunce Plumbing
Jonesboro, Ind.

Alternate use for golf tees

I seal my used caulking tubes with golf tees, the longer the better. If you don’t play golf, you know someone who does! The tapered top seals the air out and the long stem keeps a clean channel into the caulk, ready for the next use.

Tim Bunyan
Super Fuel Corp.
Bronx, N.Y.

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