Hose bib repair

While repairing hose bibs I have found that many times it is difficult to remove the stems in the hose bib, especially when they have hard water or rust coating the inside. Many times the metal washer can get stuck as well. Usually you would need to get a pair of vise grips on the stem and twist on it for a long time before it would come loose.

I have found a better way. I use my 1/2-in. chuck drill, cinch it down on the stem and put it in reverse. It takes the stem out easily and doesn’t damage it (as would a pair of vise grips). This has saved me time and money.

Miles Olsen

Miles West Plumbing

Idaho Falls, Idaho


Leveling the stub-out

I learned to use this tip when working prefab on toilet carrier banks. When sweating copper, the stub-out pipe tends to drop in the joint as you heat the pipe. This makes the stub-out lose its level.

I use a metal measuring tape to solve this problem. I lay the measuring tape box on the ground and extend the tape up to the bottom of the pipe, pushing it up until it’s level. It acts as a third hand. Not only does it help me to keep the pipe level, it allows me to verify that the pipe is at the correct height. I use this method any time I sweat in a stub-out.

Jessica Banach

Georgia RBC

Newnan, Ga.


No water damage cleanup

When removing water heaters, toilets and other water-related fixtures, you can experience leakage from said fixtures — even when they’ve been drained. A good way to prevent this leakage and show value to your customer is to use some painter’s plastic and set the fixture on it.

Cut the plastic so you can cover the fixture at least 12 in. up the sides. Next, tape the plastic to the fixture. This will trap any water still present and allow a clean, dry removal of the fixture.

Jordan Corbett

Corley Plumbing Air Electric

Greenville, S.C.


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