Nexstar President and CEO Jack Tester discusses world-class customer service with attendees of Nexstar’s Super Meeting in Las Vegas. Photo credit: Nexstar

Engaged employees bring in loyal customers and higher profits for residential service contractors. That message was driven home during Nexstar’s Super Meeting Oct. 11-13 in Las Vegas where the best-practices group unveiled its Customer First Movement.

“World-class customer service is not just a strategy. It needs to be a movement,” Nexstar Network President and CEOJack Testersaid. “It’s about putting customers first like never before and holding employees accountable for making customers No. 1.

“When done right, customers will not only be loyal, they will market for you in social situations and through social media and the payoff goes directly to the business’s bottom line.”

Nexstar members have a leg up when it comes to having engaged employees, Marketing StrategistEd Ceriersaid. While 52% of U.S. workers demonstrate effort and loyalty in their jobs, 78% of Nexstar employees do so, according to the group’s 2011 Employee Satisfaction Survey.

During the meeting, Nexstar introduced its 60-week customer care program, with specific components for plumbing, HVAC and electrical technicians. The program addresses every point where a tech is in contact with a customer from the initial service call to the final follow-up, with accountability built in for all company positions.