Happy New Year! Let’s take a look at PM’s Top 10 most popular stories of 2012.

Happy New Year…almost! Based on the economy, some will be happy to say good-bye to 2012 and some will continue to be optimistic going into the new year. But before we do that, let’s take a look at PM’s Top 10 most popular stories of 2012!

1. 2012 Supply House of the Year: WinwholesalePublisher Bob Miodonski reveals the winning aspect of WinWholesale’s business model and the benefits it gives to its customers.  

2. Boiler room ‘myths’Ray Wohlfarth asks how many boilers does it take to keep occupants comfortable?  

3. Beware of bottlenecks, Part 1John Siegenthaler explains how too little flow causes too many complaints.  

4. Beware of bottlenecks, Part 2In the second installation of Siegenthaler’s column, he finds out that sometimes the Btu just can’t squeeze through.  

5. Pipe and valvesDan Holohan talks about getting the most out of modern steam boilers.  

6. George Brazil dies at age 83Industry great and plumbing contractor George Brazil, founder of George Brazil Home Services in Phoenix, died May 16.  

7. Women in Plumbing: ‘Challenging and rewarding’Managing Editor Kelly Faloon shares how these women love being plumbers - and encourage other women to join them!  

8. 7 tips to rake in more leadsAdams Hudson suggests your marketing needs to be more efficient and precisely focused.  

9. Using a flame safeguard controlRay Wohlfarth recommends avoiding potential boiler explosions with this safety device.  

10. Truck of the Month: Aux Mechanical, Birmingham, Ala.Check out how Aux Mechanical gets the message across on its trucks with its eye-catching design!