Your  processes should help customers and increase growth.

Compatible processes

Let’s look at Company B. Again, CSRs are trained on a process to book all calls. The key to success within that process is to promise only what you can do 100% of the time. You can promise the first time slot of the day. After that, promise your first available technician. Following is a sample script on how to do this.

Customer:I have a problem with my ___________.

CSR:I hate it when that happens.[If the problem doesn’t sound like an emergency, go right into your gather-customer-info script - name, phone number, address.]When would you like service?

Mrs. Jones:Today!

CSR:OK, great Mrs. Jones. I will call you with our first available technician.

Mrs. Jones: Can you tell me when that will be?

CSR: All our technicians are on jobs right now and we never know how long any job will take. We wouldn’t pull someone off your job just to make another call. You can understand that, right Mrs. Jones? The only exact time we can promise you is the first call in the morning, at 8 a.m., and our next available 8 a.m.  is next Thursday. Would you like to book that slot?

Mrs. Jones:NO, I need you today.

CSR:Great. We know you’re busy, and we don’t want you sitting around the house waiting for us. Will you make it my job to track you down?

Mrs. Jones:Sure.

CSR:Great, so what’s the best number for reaching you today? How much lead time will you need to meet us at your house?

Mrs. Jones: About 30 minutes.

CSR: No problem. You go do what you need to and we’ll call you with our first available technician.

Mrs. Jones: You will be here today, right?

CSR: That’s my plan; however, the only thing I can promise you absolutely is 8 a.m. next Thursday. As I said, all our techs are on jobs right now. I am hopeful one will free up, but I don’t want to overpromise and underdeliver for you. Is that all right? Great.

Now plug in Company B’s two processes and you no longer stink! You are productive and focused.

Company A’s processes are wrong. Not only is it underperforming, it’s putting a chokehold on its business growth.

If your CSRs are booking calls to fill up time windows, you’re sending the message that you only have X number of time slots today. Your company will never grow. You’ll never see your call count exceed your current capacity of technicians because you’re pushing the customer away to another day.

Let’s face it: This business is full of problems. Focus on the right things.

Would you like to work on the problem that there are too few or too many calls for your techs?

Here’s what I want you to do: Focus daily. Create a schedule for yourself to view/listen to your CSRs, dispatchers and all other positions in your company. Listen to how they go about their work within your business. If you agree with how everything is being done, congratulations! You have clearly communicated your processes to your people!

Make sure it’s making you money because that’s why you’re in business.

Take off some hats and trade them in for good processes and more cash in your pocket.

Focus and keep smiling!