Ansell introduces a new line of gloves called ActivArmr Trade Specific.

The hands are a plumber’s most important tools and injuries to them can be career-threatening.

Unfortunately, these types of injuries are prevalent, with injuries to the fingers and hands being some of the top incidents reported by those who work in plumbing.

Those injuries are prevalent, but preventable. So many plumbers prefer to go without gloves entirely. Gloves on the market today can be heavy and make hands sweat or are bulky, which decreases the ability to work with small parts or in tight spaces. Additionally, it is often difficult to slide pipes and materials through gloved hands. Plumbers have not had a choice of a glove designed specifically for their needs.

Until now.

Ansell, the world’s largest hand protection manufacturer, is proud to introduce a new line of gloves called ActivArmr Trade Specific, which includes the ActivArmr Plumber glove.

The ActivArmr Plumber glove, along with the other trade-specific gloves in the line, was created from months of end user research. Focus groups of professional tradesmen and visits to jobsites told the Ansell research and development team that plumbers needed a glove that:
  • Was highly dexterous and gave the ability to work with and pick up small objects;
  • Would allow materials to easily slide through the hand;
  • Was breathable;
  • Provided protection from punctures, scrapes and cuts; and
  • Were able to be easily laundered.

The glove was developed and tested throughout 2010 by plumbers on jobsites. With each new round of feedback, improvements were made to the design, features and fit to meet the exact user needs.

The ActivArmr Plumber glove was launched in July with a never-before-seen balance of dexterity, comfort, protection and performance.

The glove is designed to match the user’s hand, giving unmatched dexterity. This dexterity means plumbers who wear the glove won’t feel like they’re wearing a glove at all. The barehanded feel is excellent for handling pipe hangers in tight spaces.

The glove is knitted with a patented Ansell design, making it breathable. The glove can be worn all day without making hands hot and sweaty and getting in the way of the job.

Knitted with DuPont Kevlar, the glove provides an ANSI Level 2 cut protection against cuts, punctures and abrasions. This is seven times the cut protection of standard cotton gloves, typically worn by those in plumbing.

The glove also includes reinforced areas to protect against warm pipes and promotes the ability to slip piping and materials easily through the hands.

The user-demanded adjustable wrist closure provides for easy donning and doffing, while the nameplate ensures each person’s gloves are easily identifiable.

The ActivArmr Plumber glove is joined in the ActivArmr Trade Specific line with gloves designed specifically for HVAC technicians, electricians and carpenters.

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- By Ansell