New products for solar applications.

Circulating Pump

Bell & Gossett’s ecocirc SC Solar Pump is a DC spherical motor circulating pump featuring direct connection to photovoltaic panels and automatic performance optimization. It is designed for thermal solar systems or circulation pump applications where conventional power is not available. Special features include: startup power that requires less than 1 watt; an over-temperature safety device; MPP and ECM technology; and a shaft-less spherical motor.
Bell & Gossett. Circle 408

Solar Panel/Tank Water Heating System

In order to assure a continuous supply of hot water during the entire year, the SB/SBB solar storage tank can be piped into a Stiebel Eltron Tempra Plus tankless, on-demand electric heater as a backup when the sun is not providing enough hot water. The Tempra Plus would be set up in series after the solar tank and would be automatically activated when the temperature of the stored water dropped below 120 degrees F. There is a 10-year warranty on Stiebel Eltron solar panels and tanks.
Stiebel Eltron. Circle 409

Indirect Water Heater

Ideal for solar heating systems, the Techtanium Solar Indirect Water Heater delivers hot water quickly and efficiently with long-lasting performance. The water heater saves energy and money, has minimal heat loss and is environmentally and installer-friendly. The water heater features a single coil with electrical backup or a dual coil for boiler backup and comes with a factory-installed T & P valve and brass drain.
Diversified Heat Transfer. Circle 410

Solar Trilogy

Taco’s family of solar pumping products is ideal for a variety of solar thermal applications. The Solar Pumping Station combines all the features needed for a closed-loop water heating system. There are five connections to make - two for the solar collector(s), two for the storage tank’s heat exchanger and one for the expansion tank. The Solar X-Pump Block combines a stainless-steel, flat-plate heat exchanger with two bronze circulators and a solar differential temperature control. The Variable Speed Solar Pump line includes circulators with integral solar differential temperature controls.
Taco. Circle 411

Solar Water Heating Solutions

Bradford White offers 32 water heaters for use in solar applications. The solar product line features six EcoStor2 SC double-wall, single-coil gas backup models; six EcoStor2 SC double-wall, single-coil, power-vent gas backup models; and two EcoStor2 SC double-wall, single-coil Eco-Defender gas backup models. Bradford White also offers six EcoStor SC single-wall, single-coil electric backup models; three dual-coil heat exchanger backup models; and the original three solar saver models.
Bradford White Corp. Circle 412

Commercial Solar Thermal Products

The new line of commercial solar thermal products from Lochinvar and TiSUN features solar thermal panels, solar thermal storage tanks, a pumping station and an array of system accessories. The Commercial Solar Flat Panel Collector and Light Duty Commercial Solar Collector feature a laser-welded absorber and serpentine heat coil design that allows for optimum heat transfer in a forced-circulation solar system. The Lochinvar/TiSUN Commercial Solar Pump Station is an all-in-one solar pumping package, complete with a Differential Solar Control that offers eight different system capabilities and Btu metering.
Lochinvar Corp. Circle 413

Solar Water Heating System

The Rheem SolPak Active Solar Water Heating System makes installation a snap by including all the components needed: collectors, controller, multispeed pump and mixing valve, as well as the glycol solution and thermal expansion tank for closed-loop systems. Contractors also can select Rheem Marathon tanks as the system’s solar storage tank, combining the longevity of the Rheem Marathon electric water heater with the energy savings of an active solar water heating system.
Rheem. Circle 413

Solar Charging Station

Filling solar collectors with glycol in a fast and efficient way is an easy job with the ZUWA Solarcheck Mobilcenter, now available in a compact version. The reliable, easy-to-maintain ZUWA impeller pump has a flow rate of 8 gpm and a maximum pressure of 75 psi. Air bubbles are flushed out as well as sediments or other residues. The station can be used with fluid temperatures up to 195 degrees F. The time required for the filling process is reduced by 30 to 40 percent.
ZUWA. Circle 415

Expanded DWHX Series

PAW once again expanded its Solex DWHX series. The new Solex DWHX US04 features a 1-inch loop on the solar side compared with 3/4-inch in the two smaller versions. The DWHX US04 is capable of handling solar thermal systems with a collector surface area of up to 380 square feet in low-flow or 750 square feet in high-flow at a maximum flow rate of 6.6 gpm.
PAW. Circle 416

Commercial Monitoring System

SunReports’ Apollo2 is a combination solar thermal and solar PV monitoring system. Suitable for the California CSI Thermal markets and SREC markets across the country, Apollo2 provides Btu data suitable for billing as well as flow rates and temperature values for in-depth system performance analysis. Apollo2 is equipped to handle MODBUS inputs from other highly accurate flow-sensing devices. Data presentation is web-based with unique portals designed to meet the needs of manufacturers, installers and end users, including automatic posting of performance data to a user’s Facebook pages.

Circulation Pump

The Grundfos ALPHA has two power connection options, dramatically expanding installation opportunities. In retrofit installations, the installer is free to use the existing conduit connection, as long as it is feasible and safe. For new installations, the installer has the flexibility to use the ALPHA either with a terminal box or with the plug with a line cord - an easy connection that requires no wiring. The replaceable terminal box, with two-hole conduit access, uses Grundfos’ standard pushpin power terminal connections.

Off-Grid Solar Tank

To complement its high-temperature collector efficiency, Thermomax Industries developed a 316L stainless-steel off-grid water tank (R24 insulation) that passively links DHW, radiant floor, woodstoves, geothermal, pools, hot tubs and in-ground storage. This twin-coil tank has an upper heat exchange coil to supply radiant floor or other applications. The lower coil is for solar and wood boiler input. Double-wall vented coils are optional, with provisions for two electric elements from 24VDC to 240VAC and ports for demand boiler backup.