This year marks the 101st anniversary of the death of a very important historical figure. Although his specific contributions have been debated, his impact on our daily lives is undisputed.Thomas Crapperwas a master plumber and industry innovator, without whom modern plumbing would not be the same.

As long as there is an international day to celebrate his accomplishments, the people at Roto-Rooter Plumbing and Drain Service are going to pay deserved respect. This Jan. 27, Roto-Rooter will celebrate Thomas Crapper Day by releasing a list of 101 Ways to Say Crapper.

Those who would like to join in observance of Thomas Crapper Day are encouraged to submit as many synonyms for the word “toilet” as they can come up with by posting them on the Roto-Rooter Facebook wall ( No potty mouths, please (pun intended). Checkwww.RotoRooter.comto view the full list.

Records indicate Crapper holds nine patents, four for improvements to drains, three for water closets, one for manhole covers and the last for pipe joints. He operated two plumbing shops in his lifetime, and several of London’s current plumbing companies trace their trade roots to him. Crapper also served as the royal sanitary engineer for many members of England’s royalty.

Source: Roto-Rooter