Prefabbing FIP Angle Stops
Fixing Dirty Stub-Outs
Purple Primer Prep

Prefabbing FIP Angle Stops

Tired of busting your knuckles tightening compression angle stops in tight spaces? I prefab female iron pipe angle stops with a ProPress and MIP copper male adapter and keep them as part of my normal stock on the trucks, along with basic stainless-steel water supplies.

If you need angle stops and supplies while installing a customer’s new faucet, all you have to do is cut the copper pipes, slip on the new prefab fittings and use the ProPress. It saves a ton of time and makes for a very professional installation.

Brian Murphy
Murphy’s Plumbing
Aurora, Minn.

Stubbing Out Dirty Stub-Outs

When doing new construction and remodels, it is no surprise to find all the supply line stub-outs covered with drywall mud and paint. This will gum up your copper cutters and clog emery tape and grit tape very quickly. I always grab a scrap piece of copper one size larger than the stub-out that is 1 1/2 inches to 2 inches long that has not been reamed. The sharp edge takes the mud and paint off easily - copper is clean. It’s one tool that is practically free and works great.

Jerry Stanley
J. Stanley Plumbing
Columbus, Ohio

Purple Primer Preparations

Purple primer for PVC glue connections is important, but it can do serious damage to interior surfaces if spilled. If I need to use purple primer inside a customer’s home, I pour a small amount into a empty 1/2-quart can. If the can is turned over, it will not spill.

Larry Hood
L J Hood Plumbing
Conyers, Ga.