Thawing Out Frozen Tub Traps
An Extra Set Of Hands
Shipping Pads In Several Sizes

Thawing Out Frozen Tub Traps

When thawing out frozen tub traps, there is no need to crawl under the house to thaw the trap. Attach a piece of wire to two sides of a funnel and place over the tub spout. Attach a piece of hose to the end of the funnel and thread the hose through the tub overflow cover. Turn on the hot water, which will flow through the hose, over the ice and out of the drain hole. After about three minutes, the ice will melt and the drain will be open.

You can also use a shower hose that fits over the tub spout. Just cut the showerhead off and use the hose.

This method has never let me down in 27 years.

James Lenzini
James Lenzini Plumbing & Heating
Macon, Mo.

An Extra Set Of Hands

Sometimes when working alone, you need an extra set of hands while operating a hand-held drill auger. I cut a 1 1/2-inch hole about 2 inches below the rim of a 5-gallon bucket. I attach a 1 1/2-inch PVC male on the inside and a female on the outside to hold it in place. Then I cut an equal-depth notch on the other side. My Ridgid drill auger fits perfectly in the notch and through the hole without jumping around on my leg. I hope this will help others with similar issues.

Drew Renz
Dye Plumbing and Heating 
La Porte, Ind.

Padding To Success

I carry shipping pads in my van in several sizes. During a service call in a kitchen or bathroom, I place a small one on the counter; this prevents my tools from damaging the surface. I also lay the pads on the floor when working under sinks, giving me a padded place to work while protecting the customer’s floor. When working inside a sink cabinet, they can provide padding to protect your back and rib cage. And during breaks, they make excellent pillows.

Bruce Williams
Bozeman Plumbing of Lewistown
Lewistown, Mont.