PEX Tubing In Freezeless Faucet
Better Than A Basin Wrench
Plumber’s Putty To The Rescue

PEX Tubing In Freezeless Faucet

When installing freezeless wall faucets in inaccessible areas, I use PEX tubing and leave a loop in the wall or joist cavity. If faucet failure occurs, the faucet can be pulled out far enough on the outside of the building to be replaced. No walls or ceilings need to be cut into, which would require patching and painting.

Frank Norris
Norris Contracting
Williamsport, Pa.

Better Than A Basin Wrench

Instead of using a basin wrench to tighten (and remove) faucet hold-down nuts, a piece of 1 1/4-inch PVC pipe works much better. Cut four grooves in the pipe to match the nuts. You can cut the pipe to whatever length you need in order to hold the faucet while you tighten it. The four points on the pipe prevent the tabs from being broken, such as with a regular basin wrench.

I have drilled a hole in mine for a screwdriver to give extra leverage.

Scott Lilly
Lilly Plumbing
Lexington, Ky.

Plumber's Putty To The Rescue

When trying to replace a hex-head screw in a tight location, I often would drop the screw several times before successfully replacing it. I now insert a small piece of plumber’s putty in the end of the socket to hold the screw in place as I guide it toward the hole. Works great!

Al Schouten
Schouten Plumbing & Heating
Sioux Center, Iowa