According to Uponor: When it comes to any business, you can have all the right equipment and tools on hand, but without the proper training, it’s wasted potential.

Uponor Senior Trainer, Wes Sisco, demonstrates the workings of a see-through radiant manifold in Uponor's updated Applications Lab.

When it comes to any business, you can have all the right equipment and tools on hand, but without the proper training, it’s wasted potential. For professional contractors in the radiant, plumbing and fire sprinkler industries, keeping current with the right training is vital to get the competitive edge that sets you apart and helps you grow your business - and profits.

So, what is therighttraining?

Many make the mistake that all training is the same, which is not the case. Still, who has time to research a training facility, instructors and curriculum to ensure it features all the up-to-date information and tools needed in your area of expertise (or area you want to become an expert in)?

When it comes to your future - and the future of your business - simply focus on three key points for training.

First, look at the history. When checking out a training program, make sure it has a proven history with plenty of references to back it up. Uponor, for example, has been providing factory as well as field training to professional radiant, plumbing and fire sprinkler installers since 1993 - the longest in the industry.

“I’m so impressed with Uponor’s training, I’m not only going to recommend it to other people, I’m going to send a couple of my guys here,” saysRobert Wiegmannof M&N Heating and Cooling in Rockwell, Iowa.

“This is my first exposure to a hands-on course and I’m very impressed,” saysDan Hendricksonof Libre Energy in Coronado, Calif. “I am recommending this training to a number of my clients.”

Uponor's main classroom features auditorium seating along with three large-screen monitors for easy viewing and engagement.

Next, look at the facility. Will you be able to simulate real-life installations and challenges? The newly expanded, 11,000-square-foot Uponor Training Academy was recently updated to include a comprehensive, hands-on applications lab and radiant controls lab to do just that. And for classroom instruction, the facility can hold multiple classes concurrently with up to 60 attendees in an auditorium and up to 120 in a second classroom, with large-screen monitors above to help students stay engaged and follow instruction with ease.

“I’ve been to other trainings, but this new facility is by far the nicest,” saysJoe Batesof Legacy Plumbing & Heating in Aitkin, Minn. “I really like to see the products in use and the different applications they can be used in.”

Steve Swanson, Uponor Customer Trainer, shows attendees how to read the industry markings on Uponor PEX tubing.

Finally, look at the instructors and the curriculum. That’s easy with Uponor - simply visitwww.uponorpro.comto view course descriptions, read instructor bios and register for factory classes as well as webinars. In addition to its core classes like Radiant Hydronics and Design as well as AquaSAFE™ for multipurpose plumbing and fire sprinkler installers, Uponor has also updated its curriculum to include courses such as Advanced Radiant Hydronics and Geothermal Design and Application to meet new market demands.

“I’ve been doing radiant for 20 years and I like the new advanced training courses,” saysDan Brandenburgof Dan’s Service Plus in Wausau, Wis. “They offer the science behind the technology that I’m looking for.”

To learn more about the following factory training courses and to register online,

  • Radiant Hydronics and Design (2 days)

  • Advanced Radiant Hydronics with ADS (3 days)

  • Geothermal Design and Application (2 days)

  • Climate Cŏntrol™ Network System (2 1/2 days)

  • Climate Controls (2 days)

  • AquaSAFE™ Levels I and II (2 days)

  • AquaSAFE Level II (1 day)

Source: Uponor