The latest solar thermal offerings.

Solar Software

Viessmann’s solar system simulation software ESOP NA 4.0 lets users simulate their specific solar system design and perform system calculations to estimate the solar energy production, solar fraction, energy savings, average CO2 reduction and more. The program comes with 12 standard system configurations; ESOP includes climate data for locations across North America as well as product specifications for all Viessmann solar collectors, storage tanks and

Beckett’s SolarHot

Upgrade To Solar

Beckett’s new SolarHot makes it easy to upgrade a new or existing water heater to a state-of-the-art solar hot water system. This system can provide up to 80 percent of DHW needs and can be integrated into a hydronic heating system. Includes collector panels, a SolVelox complete pump package, and the mounting and plumbing hardware necessary to connect to the water

HBX Controls

SolarBloc Control

The HBX SolarBloc is designed for solar tube and solar panel applications. Automatic differential is achieved using a variable-speed pump and flow sensor. Built-in features control either the boiler backup or provide capabilities for heat dump applications. Direct-connect fittings allow contractors to reduce on-site installation

Taco Solar X-Pump Block

Complete Solar Mixing System

The patent-pending Taco Solar X-Pump Block (SXPB) is a complete solar mixing system, combining a variable-speed solar mixing control, heat-source circulator and heat exchanger into a single unit. Its stainless-steel, brazed-plate counterflow-style heat exchanger provides complete system isolation between the heat creation source side of the system (solar collector) and the heat sink side (storage tank)

Heliodyne Helio-Flo


Heliodyne introduces Helio-Flo, its newest, all-in-one heat transfer appliance for use in open-loop systems or in conjunction with a closed-loop integrated tank system. Comes factory assembled with all wiring, plumbing and fittings complete to minimize installation time. Optional advanced controller with built-in Wi-Fi technology allows for monitoring and automated service


Plug-and-Play Solar

Apricus announced its solar thermal systems now feature a new heat transfer unit and controller panel, simplifying installation and metering. The monitoring panel comes pre-assembled along with the other Apricus components. It will monitor the system’s flow rate and energy output, making it a true plug-and-play

K-Flex Solar-R

Solar Insulation

K-Flex USA offers its K-Flex Solar-R for solar hot water systems. It features thermal insulation resistant to high temperatures, as well as high-mechanical resistant and UV-protective film. Available in 1/2-, 3/4- and 1-inch wall thicknesses and 6-foot lengths and 50-foot