Check out the latest radiant heating offerings from this year.

Viega’s Climate Mat

Mat System

Viega’s new pre-fabricated Climate Mat system is a roll-up assembly consisting of tandem supply and return headers and 1/2-inch tubing. Manufactured in two separate 5-foot sections, Climate Mats may be unrolled one at a time or simultaneously. Installers can lay 20,000 square feet of evenly spaced tubing for radiant heating or cooling in only eight

McDonnell & Miller’sWFE UniMatch® Water Feeder

Water Feeder

McDonnell & Miller’s new WFE UniMatch® Water Feeder for residential steam boilers features a multicolor LED screen that clearly verifies operation and simplifies troubleshooting. Enhanced Dwell-Feed Cycles are selectable via simple DIP switches and enable feeder operation to be tailored to the system dynamics. Its System Overfill Safety-Stop provides a hard-stop limit on water feed to minimize the chance of a flooded

Viessmann Vitorond 200

Cast-Iron Boiler

The new VD2A series of the Vitorond 200 commercial oil-/gas-fired sectional cast-iron boiler from Viessmann features Therm-Control low-temperature protection. The return water distribution system has been redesigned for increased reliability and long-life operation. The boiler uses a triple-pass heat exchanger surface for operation with modulating water temperatures. The rated input is 144 to 1,285 kW. Approved for Category I and III venting


Towel Warmers

Myson introduces four new elegant and contemporary towel warmers that provide extra warmth to a room while keeping the humidity level down and dampness out. Myson’s wall-mounted designer towel warmers provide from 676-1,329 Btu/hr. The Tahoe, Navajo, Sokoto and Champlain are classic steel construction and are used in a closed loop hydronic system