Nexstar Network’s first network-wide Game On Sales Contest recorded more than $18 million in revenue for member companies within the competition’s six-week stint. The top seller sold nearly $500,000 during that time, proving that it is possible to sell and succeed during an economic recession.

“In the current economy, the game has helped Nexstar member companies focus on the positives,” said Scott Pearson, Nexstar coach and co-creator of the game with Nexstar Business Coaching Manager andPMcolumnist Jack Tester. “Technicians and salespeople got excited about selling and bringing in additional revenue in 2009. I’m pleased to say the game results exceeded our expectations.”

The sales contest drew 483 individuals from 70 companies who sold services for six weeks (Oct. 15 – Nov. 30), generating between $100,000 and $3 million in revenue for their individual companies. These sales athletes competed in five categories for five grand prizes provided by Nexstar. Categories included plumbing technicians, HVAC technicians, electrical technicians, sewer salespeople and HVAC salespeople.

They focused on selling big-ticket sales with a minimum invoice requirement of $2,000 or greater for technicians and $4,000 minimum for HVAC and sewer sales. Players submitted invoices on the official game Web site, followed by their managers who had to verify each sale. The competition was monitored in real time. All sales qualified for points (five points per $1,000 in sales). The points could then be redeemed for a broad range of prizes.

At the end of the game, top players from each category were selected and placed into a random drawing for the grand prize. Brad House from AAA Service Plumbing in Arvada, Colo., was selected the winner of a trip for two to the Citi BCS National Title football game, including airline tickets, four-star accommodations, two game tickets, meals and limo to and from the game.

The remaining four category winners received a weekend getaway to a pro sports game of their choice (including game tickets, hotel and meal vouchers).

“It was a level playing field for technicians and sales staff,” said Pearson. “Since it was an individual competition and not company-wide, the size and resources of the company provided no advantage.”

Nexstar member companies were encouraged to add additional incentives, ranging from training classes to reinforce sales behaviors to incentives for installers who don’t sell equipment.

For more information on the Nexstar Game On Sales Contest, contact Kari Logan at 763/559-6058. 

Source: Nexstar Network