The Mestek Institute has announced its 2010 Boiler Performance Optimization Seminar schedule. Thesefreetraining seminars provide three days of training and attendees will earn up to 16 continuing education hours.

Topics covered include: system design and maintenance; venting; controls; combustion; and start-up procedures.

“Our 2009 program was so successful that we have nearly doubled our schedule for the upcoming year,” saidMatt Kleszczynski, marketing manager for the Mestek Boiler Group.

Seminars will be held in one of two Mestek Institute sites located in Boyertown, Pa., and Mississauga, Ont., Canada. Classes for 2010 are being offered on the following dates:

  • February 23-25 (Pa.)

  • March 9-11 (Ont.

  • March 23-25 (Pa.

  • April 20- 22 (Ont.)

  • May 4-6 (Pa.)

  • May 18-20 (Ont.)

  • June 22-24 (Pa.)

  • July 20-24 (Ont.)

  • Aug 17-19 (Pa.)

  • Sept 14-16 (Ont.)

  • Sept 28-30 (Pa.)

  • Oct 12-14 (Ont.)

  • Oct 26-28 (Pa.)

For more information, contact Janine Pedro at 413/564-5779 or