Fans Of Photography

There may not be too many folks left in Ohio who use outhouses, but the trucks of Crawford Mechanical Services certainly catch customers’ eyes.

This Columbus company owned byBill Crawford, who opened shop in 1992, runs 11 Chevrolets on the road of various models - vans, pickups and box trucks. On the inside, they each follow an organizational system designed by Crawford that keeps them well-stocked to meet the needs of his plumbers and clients. Until recently, however, their outsides were all business and no flair. The trucks sported plain-white exteriors with a red CMS logo and basic company information.

But now a changeover to bold photography has increased customer appeal.

“We’ve received a lot of calls requesting service and when we ask how they heard about us, they mention the trucks and how they really stand out,” saysMichelle Lucas, CMS’ service assistant, who submitted the trucks toPM.

The photos pictured on the trucks on this page were chosen by a friend of the company who had the technology and software to do the wrap. Once the graphics were approved by management, he had it completed in two weeks.

“Overall, the customers have responded positively to the change. They are intrigued by the design,” says Lucas, particularly when it comes to the “human touches” on the outhouse image. “Some customers especially like the footprint on the door of the outhouse.”

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