At least five fatalities were reported after a massive explosion at the Kleen Energy power plant in Middletown, CT, on Feb. 7. One of those killed wasRaymond Dobratz, 58, a plumber from Old Saybrook. A dozen or more others were hurt in the blast, includingBrian Hawley, 36, a pipefitter at the plant who broke his leg.

The blast was said to be so powerful it alarmed residents who heard the boom and felt tremors in their homes miles away from the under-construction power plant where gas lines were being tested in Middletown, about 20 miles south of Hartford.

Search and rescue crews were combing through the debris from the damaged plant overnight but believed no one was missing amid the rubble, Deputy Fire Marshal Al Santostefano said. The investigation into what caused the explosion was to begin Monday morning, he said.

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