The Sled from Warwick Hanger Co. is an easy-to-use, labor-saving tool that eliminates alignment issues and the need for return panels. This router guide system enables the operator to cut return bends directly into the grooved radiant flooring panels. The need to calculate the required space from walls or obstacles to align those difficult return panels is gone! Simply lay your floor panels to the edge of the wall or obstacle, and you’re ready for the Sled to finish the job. Not only can you lay your floors for the insertion of radiant heating tubes in considerably less time, but there’s no longer wasted, broken or left over return panels that were cut and now unusable.

The Sled’s design flexibility eliminates puzzle-piece assembly, adding significant savings by allowing any crew member to handle even the most difficult of layouts. According to the company, the Sled can pay for itself on its very first job. This quick return on your investment makes the Sled an indispensable tool for the radiant heating trade.

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