Connecticut GovernorM. Jodi Rellannounced the state is dedicating $4 million in federal stimulus funds to help homeowners and businesses pay for the installation of solar-powered hot water heating systems, an investment Rell says will lower utility bills and promote the use of alternative fuels.

“I am proud of Connecticut’s leadership in promoting and using greener, cleaner technology,” Rell said. “This incentive will help hundreds of families and businesses make the switch to renewable energy by saving them money on installation costs and ultimately their hot water bills. It would also be a much-needed boost in business for those who sell and install these systems.”

The new Solar Thermal Incentive Program is part of the comprehensive State Energy Plan that has qualified for $38 million from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The broad-based plan includes programs that:
  • Provide incentives to use alternative energy in homes and businesses
  • Expand fuel cell initiatives
  • Make state buildings more energy efficient
  • Create green-collar jobs needed for emerging technologies
The incentive program will be administered by the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund, a ratepayer fund that promotes, develops and invests in clean energy resources for the benefit of Connecticut’s electric ratepayers. CCEF officials say there is enough funding available to support installations of 600 residential solar heating systems and about 120 non-residential systems.

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