NAOHSM execs and business owners held an Oilheat Industry Summit recently and discussed the current state of the industry. Various presentations and speakers spoke to the shifting market and solutions to these changes.

“Sadly, in the past 10 years we’ve lost approximately 1 million oilheat homes,” said Judy Garber in the association’s summary.

Also of note, during the summit, John Maniscalco shared an idea of how much money will be needed to get NORA reauthorized. Bob Hedden gave a presentation about the advantages of Ultra Low Sulfur Heating Oil, and Michael Devine

Jonathan Beckett gave a presentation on his company’s foray into solar thermal heating and how this technology can work in harmony with oil heat. 

John Huber spoke about the life cycle emissions of new fuel and Michal Ferrante spoke about a public outreach program – a government relations plan needed to educate local, state and federal politicians.

“Basically the theme of the day was the need for a combination of bio and low sulfur fuel – 15ppm to be exact,” said Garber. “This will give us an advantage over gas heat.”

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