DECOLAV has earned bottle trap certification under the latest standards. The DBR9102 by DECOLAV is the latest UPC® and cClassified® Bottle Trap, solidifying the company’s position in leading the industry in innovation.

ASME A112.18.2/CSA B125.1-05  “Plumbing waste fittings,” a recent and new Canadian-US harmonized standard by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, was used by IAPMO R&T to certify it, stating that manufacturers would no longer receive certification on a bottle trap with a non-permanent liner.

According to the company, through an extensive re-engineering process, the DECOLAV team found a new approach to incorporating a permanent liner. IAPMO R&T Laboratory tested the product under 12 categories. The Uniform Plumbing Code compliant DBR9102 Decorative Bottle Trap meets or exceeds all requirements and is backed with a lifetime guarantee.

The unique design of the DBR9102 Bottle Trap is patent pending. Available in multiple finishes including polished brass, satin nickel, Deco Bronze® and chrome polished, this decorative Bottle Trap will compliment any bathroom setting.

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