Emerson-Swan announced it will represent GeoStar geothermal heat pumps in New England and Upstate New York. GeoStar, a division of Water Furnace International, consists of water-to-air and water-to-water heat pumps from 1 ½ tons up to 6/7 tons depending on the unit type. GeoStar also supplies ground loop tubing as well as all pumps and accessories for a complete geothermal system.

According to Emerson-Swan, the rep has made it a priority to enter the renewable energy arena, including concepts and systems that use the sun, wind, tidal and other sources of free energy that can be converted to heat, hot water and/or electricity.

A new training class that focuses specifically on geothermal technology is in the works and will be introduced in the fall of 2009.

Source: Emerson-Swan Inc.