GreenPlumbersUSA and the Green Mechanical Council have announced a collaborative partnership to speed up the installation of green educational programs to the construction industry, and more effectively communicate the plumbing and mechanical contracting industry's efficiency programs to utilities, businesses and consumers.

“Businesses and consumers will embrace conservation and new technologies when those innovations are presented by knowledgeable, trusted experts,” said GreenPlumbersUSA managing directorSteve Lehtonen. “GreenPlumbersand GreenMech have the ability to exponentially multiply the effectiveness of energy and water utility programs through traditional contractors’ networks, and this partnership will focus our collective efforts on green training and deliverables.”

GreenMech currently offers 13 different educational programs, everything from energy auditing to geothermal, including the popular Green Awareness Certification Program, developed by the Green Mechanical Council’s Founding Members, the United Association of Plumbers (UA) and Pipe Fitters, HVAC Excellence and Ferris State University.

The Council’s goal is to work in partnership with many different organizations, according toJo Keirns, executive director of the Green Mechanical Council. “In this wave of new green technology and terminology, you cannot do it all yourself, you have to form alliances. Education has always been the cornerstone of the Green Mechanical Council. Teamwork and partnerships with outstanding like-minded organizations, such as GreenPlumbersUSA, IAPMO, and the UA give us a greater ability to teach and prepare others for a ‘Green,’ sustainable future.”

The GreenPlumbers’ training and accreditation program is open to all recognized plumbers and contractors. The program is partnered with the EPA’s WaterSense program, the Alliance for Water Efficiency, the California Center for Sustainable Energy, the California Urban Water Conservation Council, and many other industry leaders.

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Source: GreenPlumbers USA