The Plumbing Manufacturers Institute (PMI) adopted a new position statement advocating the efficient use of water while also maximizing consumer choice on water-saving products. The new statement notes: “We believe that these two objectives are not mutually exclusive and can be achieved simultaneously.”

PMI Executive DirectorBarbara C. Higgenssaid in the announcement that PMI believes responsible water use begins with awareness and education, which then put consumers in a better position to make personal decisions and trade-offs. “Water efficiency is best achieved by pursuing the overall goal of water savings as a society, but not by dictating how the savings are to be achieved,” Higgens remarked. “Every circumstance is different, and PMI believes that providing end users with flexibility to make their own decisions is the best way to move the marketplace towards true water savings.”

PMI Mission Statement:
  • To promote the water efficiency, health, safety, quality and environmental sustainability of plumbing products, while maximizing consumer choice and value in a fair and open marketplace.

  • To provide a forum for the exchange of information and industry education.

  • To represent openly the members’ interests and advocate for sound environmental and public health policies in the regulatory/legislative processes.

  • To enhance the plumbing industry’s growth and expansion.
Higgens added that allowing manufacturers and designers the freedom to innovate in both form and function results in better solutions that do not require great sacrifice to save water.

“It was the freedom to innovate that led to the current generation of top-performing toilets that actually exceed the federal standard of 1.6 gallons-per-flush, saving 20 percent or more on water use without sacrificing performance,” Higgens noted. “Educate consumers on our society’s water predicament. Then give them an array of options, backed by a pricing system that reflects water’s true market value. Do all these things in a proper and above-board manner, and we at PMI have faith that most American consumers will make the right choices to save enough water to make a difference everywhere without lessening our quality of life.”

Read and download the full text of the position paper

Source: PMI