Radiant ceiling from Swiss-Dex

Swiss-Dex USA Corp., a leading European radiant heating and cooling manufacturer, is now distributing its radiant ceiling products in the United States. The Switzerland-based company opened a U.S. sales office in the Triangle and will provide both residential and commercial builders across the country with an effective and environmentally friendly alternative to forced air systems.

Radiant ceiling systems are becoming popular all across Europe as more and more companies look for efficient ways to build and update their buildings. The system can be custom fitted into a multitude of ceiling structures, including trey and vaulted ceilings.

According to Swiss-Dex, its system is currently in place in some of Europe’s biggest airports, hospitals, offices and schools, including the Geneva International Airport, Genolier Hospital of Switzerland, The Center of Art in Tessin, Germany, and Alma Consulting in Paris, France.

Swiss–Dex uses a system of coils filled with water in the ceiling to control and change the temperature resulting in a much smaller temperature variant from floor to ceiling. The desired ambient temperature of the room is regulated by a thermostat. When a difference occurs between the temperature of the ambient air and the thermostat settings, the temperature and flow of the water in the system automatically adjust.

The company chose the Triangle location to illustrate the system’s capability to handle extreme changes in humidity and contrast in climate. It also “wanted a market with a strong growth history and proven leaders in the technology sector; the Triangle topped our list,” Swiss-Dex announced.

“The Triangle was a perfect location because of the great range of climate conditions and high number of corporations based in the area. We knew that the Triangle would allow us to show customers the system’s capabilities in multiple climate and humidity conditions with leaders that would quickly understand the system’s advantages,” statedSerge Ayache, president of U.S. sales for Swiss–Dex.

Source: Swiss-Dex