Owner Stephen Brockman's new GMC features ingenious scrolling signage on three sides of its box.


Here’s something you don’t see every day - but you’ll wish you thought of it.

Expert Plumbing owner Stephen Brockman has turned his fleet of rolling billboards into scrolling billboards with the addition of his latest service truck. His brand new GMC features ingenious scrolling signage on three sides of its box. They are changeable and back-lit, and have certainly made this Naperville, Ill., plumbing company stand out above the rest.

In 2008, while everyone else focused on cutting costs and hunkered down for a rough economy, thriving Brockman refused to rest on his laurels. He traveled to Nashville, Tenn., to meet with Mobile Master Mfg. (www.mobilemastertrucks.com), a custom truck manufacturer that can build on any chassis, build to any length and provide any custom feature you request. His service truck took only eight weeks to build, and includes a backing-up camera, external speakers, a full 90-degree swing power-actuated rear door, and an integrated pull-out ramp.

Another unique feature of the truck is a broadcast system. Potential customers can tune to a local FM radio station and hear Expert Plumbing’s recorded message up to 700 feet from the truck. The external speakers play the same message, and is great when the truck is parked on the street during a job, or during community parades.

The scrolling signs are powered by a separate battery source, and are programmed to rotate every 15 seconds. The signs are lightweight and can be changed out quickly (they’re designed to “zip in” like a heavy-duty sandwich bag).

So far he has two signs to rotate (see it in action by clicking on the video at-right). One of them includes a picture of his infant son, whose big brown eyes “hypnotize” customers into calling Dad’s team, who are available 24/7. The other clearly showcases the company’s Web site, www.expertplumbing.com, and lists his services.

“It’s the only scrolling-sign plumbing service truck in Illinois,” Brockman beamed.

While the complete investment cost more than $85,000, Brockman knows it’s well worth it. “Sets of signs cost far less than truck wraps,” Brockman told PM.

“And because it is used in service, it does not have to conform to regular sign vehicle restrictions.” 

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