Safety managers still hold noncompliance as their main challenge to keep workers safe, according to a survey of safety professionals at the National Safety Congress in September.

TheKimberly-Clark Professionalsurvey rated participants’ top five concerns as follows:
    1. Noncompliance ― 33%
    2. Insufficient management support and/or resources for health and safety functions ― 27%
    3. Under-reporting of workplace injuries and illnesses ― 14%
    4. Training a multilingual, multicultural workforce ― 7%
    5. Escalating worker compensation costs ― 5%
According to Kimberly-Clark Professional, work-related injuries in the United States cost more than $50 billion a year. Some solutions respondents suggested they’re going to implement was improved education and training, and to seek out more comfortable personal protective equipment to encourage worker compliance.

In terms of PPE, research has shown that comfort and style are major drivers for compliance with PPE protocols.

“In the current economic climate it is more important than ever to invest in PPE that workers will want to wear," saidRandy Kates, general manager of the safety business for Kimberly-Clark Professional.

The survey also rated a list of statements that describe safety philosophies. “Safety doesn’t cost it pays” and “Organizations must create safety-based cultures” tied for first place (43%).