Plumbing product manufacturer and distributorArrow Industriesannounced the acquisition ofDuratrac Inc., a leading manufacturer of gas connectors for the residential and commercial markets. 

Arrow acquired Duratrac in an all-cash purchase of Duratrac’s assets from its parent company Dura Global. Duratrac headquarters are in Henderson, Nev., with additional warehouses in Southern California and Atlanta. 

The Duratrac Division of Arrow will be headed byGil Fanchin, formerly of Roberts Mfg. Fanchin has 30 years of experience in the manufacturing and sales of gas connectors and related products, and will work directly underJohn Ridgely, president of Arrow Industries.

According to the announcement, Arrow Industries invented the corrugated flexible gas connector in 1931 and has been a leading innovator in the industry since then.  Duratrac markets its product nationally through commission reps calling on HVAC and Plumbing Wholesalers. 

Source: Arrow Industries