These products will be featured ― or unveiled ― at this year’s show in Atlanta.

Bemis Manufacturing, Booth #2017

Bemis Manufacturing (Booth #2017)

Sta-Tite® Commercial Fastening SystemRevolutionary commercial toilet seat fastening system keeps seats tighter for longer and cuts installation time.
    1. Easier and faster to install: One-piece integrated nut with washers eliminates fumbling with individual nuts and washer during installation and cuts installation time by a third.

    2. Shear point causes bottom portion of nut to break away during tightening once precise torque is achieved, helping keep seat tighter for longer and eliminating danger of over- or undertightening.

    3. Molded bushing inside glass-filled hinge body centers pintel in bowl mounting hole and eliminates gaps in hole, helping keep seat tighter for longer.

    4. Nut tightens with a simple 5/8-inch wrench, eliminating need for expensive torque wrench.

    5. 1.5-inch long stainless steel pintel inside hinge body increases seat-to-hinge stability.

Champion – Arrowhead, Booth #2845

Champion - Arrowhead (Booth #2845)

Arrow-Breaker™ Hose Bibs and Frost-Proof Hydrants with Integrated (Built-In) Vacuum BreakersChampion-Arrowhead is proud to introduce the Arrow-Breaker™ a product that revolutionizes the hose bib, sillcock and frost free hydrant. The Arrow-Breaker utilizes new, patented technology that integrates the function of a “thread-on” vacuum breaker into the hose bib and hydrant itself.
    1. Compact size, no “thread-on” vacuum breaker addition; better aesthetics
    2. 100% (double) the flow rate of units with “thread-on” vacuum breakers
    3. Eliminates noise during operation because of increased flow
    4. Revolutionary design reduces water hammer
    5. Does not “spit” or splash like most “thread-on” vacuum breakers

 Grand Hall, Booth #2021

Eternal Hybrid / Grand Hall (Booth #2021)

Eternal Hybrid Water Heater, Model GU32Eternal Hybrid™ is an advanced water heating system ideal for installations where multiple tank or tankless units are required.
    1. Endless hot water with minimal pressure drop and NO cold water sandwich
    2. Stainless steel reservoir; 20-year no-leak warranty
    3. Clean, green and 86% efficient
    4. Floor installation saves materials and prep time
    5. Vents with low cost PVC for easier installs

Flo ’n Stop Inc., Booth #2547

Flo 'n Stop Inc. (Booth #2547)

Flo ’N Stop™ Wireless Remote Water SystemNew wireless remote water system provides a convenient way to turn off water supply line with a push of a button that’s placed by the front door.
    1. Water saving product
    2. Personal property protection from burst water pipes
    3. Prevents frozen interior water pipes
    4. Prevents water waste from dripping faucets
    5. Convenient total domestic water shut off system

Cleaver-Brooks, Booth #1725

Cleaver-Brooks (Booth #1725)

SysteMAX ISD Intelligent System Device  Cleaver-Brooks will introduce its new wireless control system, the SysteMAX ISD Intelligent System Device, for use with its line of CFC Clearfire full-condensing hot water boilers.
    1. State-of-the-art control
    2. Armed with capacity for 64 different I/O signals
    3. Powerful microprocessor sequences and controls up to 16 devices at a time
    4. Monitors outside air temperature and stages the boilers appropriately
    5. Designed to compliment “hybrid” systems, including heat recovery chillers and the combination of condensing and non-condensing boilers into the same control scheme.

Insulation Solutions, Booth #1823

Insulation Solutions (Booth #1823)

Radiant Panel™ Pro PlusLightweight, flexible and easy to install, Radiant Panel™ Pro Plus is a foam-backed radiant barrier designed to redirect radiant heat flow.
    1. Flexible
    2. Lightweight
    3. Cuts easily to fit odd dimensions
    4. Forms a natural dead air space
    5. Self supporting (requires NO staples or supports)

Ionic Locating Solutions, Booth #2822

Ionic Locating Solutions (Booth #2822)

ILS – 100 Plastic Pipe Location SystemSystem for locating plastic water lines and leaks using a proprietary ionic solution.
    1. Allows for simple location of non-metallic pipe
    2. Allows for location of leaks in non-metallic pipe
    3. Can be used with existing cable line locators
    4. Method is non-acoustical

Karl Dungs Inc. (Booth #1822)

Karl Dungs Inc. (Booth #1822)

MBC – WND 4000Gas air najjo control valve for pre-mixed burners up to 4 million Btus
    1. Swirl plate increases turndown capability
    2. Swirl plate breaks up laminar flow pattern
    3. Concentric valve design. Less pressure loss allows lower inlet pressure
    4. Power saving circuit board reduces energy consumption

Legend Valve (Booth #3043)

Legend Valve (Booth #3043)

INSTA-LOC™ Chrome StopsThe INSTA-LOC™ Quarter Turn Chrome Stops fit onto Copper, CPVC and PEX ― simply cut, prep and push.
    1. INSTA-LOC™ Chrome Stops save contractors time by reduces the amount of time to complete a connection by 60% or more.

    2. INSTA-LOC™ requires no additional materials beyond the fitting or valve for permanent connection to Copper, CPVC or PEX.

    3. INSTA-LOC™ Chrome Stops are an easy to turn ¼ turn.

    4. INSTA-LOC™ Chrome Stops are backed by the Legend's Legendary 5/25 Warranty.

Raven Products (Booth #2524)

Raven Products (Booth #2524)

Dual Jaw Heavy Duty PEX Crimp ToolThe new Dual Jaw Heavy Duty Pex Crimp Tool has straight and side jaws for use in tight spaces.
    1. Can crimp normal way and also hard to reach places from the side
    2. Two tools in one
    3. Made of long lasting high-grade steel

Stuff Sorter by Versapak Inc. (Booth #3218)

Stuff Sorter by Versapak Inc. (Booth #3218)

Buckreel®The Buckreel enables you to store extension cords, high-pressure air hoses and ropes inside a 5-gallon bucket. This keeps your equipment clean, tangle and damage free.
    1. Great for truck organization, electrical, plumbing, irrigation, drip line

    2. Capacities: 10 gauge – 50 ft. / 12 gauge – 100 ft. / 3/8 High Pressure Hose @ 50 ft.

    3. The Buckreel is now included in Stuff Sorter’s organizer line

    4. Several different tray combinations that all fit into the Bucket Organizer Kit

Watts Water Technologies (Booth #2909)

Watts Water Technologies (Booth #2909)

Floodsafe™ Water Detector ShutoffThe FloodSafe Water Detector Shutoff provides comprehensive protection in the event of a water heater leak.
    1. Shuts off both water and power
    2. Testable and resettable
    3. No special piping required
    4. Local alarm and contacts for remote alarm
    5. Available for gas, electric and oil-fired water heaters

Webstone Company Inc. (Booth #3226)

Webstone Company Inc. (Booth #3226)

Isolator Check with Rotating FlangeThe Isolator Check with Rotating Flange is a significant addition to the Isolator Uni-Flange Ball Valve Series. It features a unique integral replaceable check valve and a heavy duty brass rotating flange.
    1. Fits multiple brands of pumps no matter what the flange orientation
    2. Replaceable integral check valve saves installation costs, saves space
    3. Large port check valve insert increases pump performance
    4. Available in sute IPS and from ¾ to 1 ½ inches

Webstone Company Inc. (Booth #3226)

Isolator EXP E-Z / E-3Patent pending tankless water heater service valves E-Z and E-3. These new additions to the Isolator EXP series are economical and compact. The E-3 features a unique positional PR valve designed specifically for recessed boxes.
    1. Compact, fully functional isolation valves makes maintenance easy
    2. Labor saving installation
    3. Limited lifetime warranty
    4. Complies with ANSI/NSF 61-8
    5. Forged components with fewer leak paths