This year's toilet market focused on being kind ― to the environment, to end-users and even installers.


TOTO - 'Green With Luxury'

Neorest 550 fromTOTOresponds to the user by opening, closing and flushing automatically like the others in the Neorest toilet line. It has a programmable nightlight that lights the bowl, saving electricity, and removable side panels, facilitating installation.

This high-efficiency, dual-flush, auto-aware unit conserves water from both a seated and standing position: 1.6 gpf for full flush, 1.0 gpf for light flush (light flush is automatically engaged when a gentleman raises the seat).

Its flat remote control unit is “inviting” and emphasizes a simple user interface for ease-of-use by all family members, from children to grandparents. It also includes a new sound module option - PrivacyPlus - that masks bodily noises with the sounds of nature (a running brook or ocean waves), or plays MP3s. Its Catalytic Deodorizer activated oxygen cartridge is replaceable.

Neorest 550’s integrated washlet is also an energy saver. TOTO’s “fuzzy logic” energy-saving mode determines user patterns. It remembers a day as 32 time increments (45 minutes each), and records the day’s patterns, comparing it to the last eight days. When it determines a “period of infrequent use,” it will power down (like a computer). The unit will return to normal if it detects a user.

Duravit/Geberit concealed installation system and wall-hung toilet

Duravit/Geberit - Bringing Wall-Mounted Toilets To The U.S.

First cisterns were mounted overhead. Then they moved behind the toilet. Now an emerging contemporary concept has moved them behind the wall.

Duravithas partnered withThe Geberit Groupto establish a North American concealed installation system and wall-hung toilet market.

“We believe our wall-mount program, in combination with Geberit’s outstanding concealed installation system, is the next big step in ensuring that unnecessary water consumption is significantly reduced,” saysTimothy Schroeder, president of Duravit USA in the product’s announcement.

Geberit produces the in-wall tank carriers and Duravit provides the wall-mounted toilets. Both present a number of advantages, including a 1.1 blended gpf, space savings and hygienic ease-of-use.

Wall-mounted toilets can save up to 2 square feet of space in the bathroom. They can even be mounted back-to-back when installed in residential or commercial applications.

The in-wall carrier includes an integral water tank located behind the wall. An attractive decorative actuator plate attaches to the wall. The height of a wall-mounted toilet can be customized to sit between 15 inches and 19 inches, making it easy to comply with ADA requirements. The Geberit carrier is designed to support up to 880 pounds.

The Toilet Pak from Gerber

Gerber - All The Parts You Need In One Box

Gerberhas launched a complete package - The Toilet Pak - for the ease and convenience of plumbing professionals. It contains all the parts needed for installation: a tank, bowl, toilet seat, wax ring and flange bolts.

The toilet is a low-consumption model with a 2-inch flush valve and front jet flushing action. It is available in round front, elongated and ErgoHeight™ elongated options.

Currently available in white with a matching tank lever, the Toilet Pak is ready for distribution and includes a five-year limited warranty.

Kohler’s Fountainhead bathroom collection

Kohler - HET Plus Versatile Design

Kohlerintroduced two new dual-flush toilets this year: the Saile and Persuade. Both are EPA WaterSense-certified, and offer versatile design aesthetics as well as water savings.

In terms of design, these models’ skirted toilet bowls deliver a clean look, and eliminate potential debris build-up around the trapway and bowl-tank connections.

Also achieving WaterSense status is Kohler’s Fountainhead bathroom collection. The tankless design of the Fountainhead toilet is achieved using the company’s exclusive Power Lite technology - a quiet electric pump fully enclosed within the toilet bowl that provides a strong, powerful flush of just 1.28 gpf.

Its seat is heated as well, and can be set at three different temperatures so the user can have complete comfort. An integrated LED light serves as a nightlight, and adds to an ambient bathroom experience.

Brondell Ecoflow

Brondell Inc.- Retrofitting For Dual-Flush

Green bathroom products manufacturerBrondell Inc.unveiled the Ecoflow flushing solution that converts existing toilets to a dual-flush water-saving fixture. It takes less than 30 minutes to install the two-button control, which fits nearly all existing toilets. Users are on their way to saving 50 percent of water on their first flush.

Brondell also offers a deodorizing toilet seat line. Breeza automatically eliminates 95 percent of bathroom odors at its source for a fresher bathroom. It is body-activated with a smart sensor, and features an ultra-quiet fan to capture odors through a carbon filter. Replaceable aromatherapy vents can be used in a variety of natural fragrances.

Compact Cadet 3 One-Piece

American Standard - Space And Water Savings

American Standardhas 12 design-savvy residential high-efficiency toilet (HET) models that use 20 percent less water than standard 1.6 gpf models, all while still offering superior flush performance.

The new Compact Cadet 3 One-Piece is a space-saving model with a comfortable Right Height elongated bowl that fits in the same space as a round-front bowl. Its clean, dramatic look incorporates rolled-edge detail on the tank top and a slow-close seat. Its permanent EverClean surface inhibits the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew.

All Cadet 3 HETs are WaterSense- certified and carry a five-year warranty on chinaware and parts.

Caroma Profile toilet suite with integrated hand basin

Caroma - Thinking Green

TheCaromaProfile toilet suite with integrated hand basin teased the North American market at this year’s K/BIS. This design is a simple and effective way to re-use water in the bathroom: first for hand washing and then for toilet flushing.

Australian users have been supportive of the product since it was launched in 2007. Though not yet available in the United States, the response and interest at tradeshows has been “very positive,” Caroma says.

“As with the rest of the world, the U.S. will continue to move toward greywater sytems to conserve the precious water resource. The move will be driven by environmental concerns and consumer demand rather than by government action or regulatory authority,” saysDerek Kirkpatrick, North America manager at Caroma. “With some metropolitan areas of the U.S. now experiencing similar drought conditions as Australia, consumers in these regions will have a significant impact on the development of water-conserving technologies.”

The flush cycle activation controls the flow of fresh water through the basin spout, allowing time for thorough hand washing before the same water fills the cistern tank.

In terms of installation, this model functions just like a regular toilet suite, the only difference being the cistern is filled in a different way. It requires no additional installation requirements beyond that of a regular toilet suite and is suitable for new and existing installations.

According to the company, testing validates the product’s water-saving capabilities and confirms that the presence of soapy water in the cistern has no adverse effect on internal cistern operating componentry.