Louisiana Local 60 and the state’s Mechanical Contractors Association are calling their members to action to support SB 654 and SB 616 for statewide journeymen and master licensing. The groups are urging Louisiana HVAC workers to contact their Congressman before May 14, or join them in Baton Rouge to show their support (a voluntary straight time make-up day for employers and employees who travel has been negotiated). 

State Senator Ben Nevers introduced SB 654 and SB 616 for HVAC mechanics, gasffitters and electricians who “voluntarily want to be licensed by one state agency, pay one statewide fee, get statewide portability and self regulate themselves,” Louisiana MCA Executive Director Henry G. Heier said in his statement.

Opposition to the bills comes from local building officials and local governments, which are moving to city-by-city certification and examination fee systems for construction workers, as is the practice in New Orleans.

Arguments say electricians, HVAC mechanics, gasfitters and plumbers don’t need licenses because the prime contractor protects the public, MCA reported. However, SB 654 and SB 616 assure the work both small and large is properly licensed.

For more information, go to www.hvaclicensenow.com. Visit http://senate.legis.state.la.us/Senators/ByAddress.htm to find your Senator via your home or business address.