Here are some of the latest radiant and hydronic products from this year.

Alumicor® PEX-Al-PEX


The new Alumicor® PEX-Al-PEX tubing offers the benefits of cross-linked polyethylene tubing plus it holds its shape when bent. A layer of aluminum is sandwiched between two layers of PEX that not only gives it an easy-to-handle, malleable characteristic, it also improves heat transfer and acts as an oxygen barrier, helping to protect the boiler and all other nonferrous system components from corrosion. Zurn

TriFire threepass oil-fired boiler

Oil-Fired Boiler

The TriFire threepass oil-fired boiler features easy installation through simple wiring, a small footprint and a piping manifold tree. It is compact and strong, with a maximum allowable working pressure of 65 psi. Wide flue ways, a flexible oil line, dual-hinged swing door with left or right mount option, site glass and sampling port make servicing easy. Utica

Climate Control™ Multifunction Controller

Hydronic Control

The Climate Control™ Multifunction Controller is a hydronic controller that offers a streamlined, less time-intensive approach to installing controls for radiant heating and cooling systems. Instead of creating specific individual controls for domestic hot water, mixing, snowmelt, boiler staging and zone pumping, all of these and other functionalities can now be handled by this single, easy-to-use, programmable control.

ZoneTrol™ II zone pump controllers

Zone Control

Available now is the next generation of Bell & Gossett ZoneTrol™ II zone pump controllers with optional outdoor reset control. Ideal for green building applications. Standard features include DHW priority timer, post purge function and pump exercise in an economical and user-friendly package. It is a ready-to-install zone controller for hydronic circulators in residential and light commercial applications. Bell &

LTR Series Low Water Cutoff

New Low Water Cutoff

LTR Series Low Water Cutoff offers a more advanced low water cutoff control for use with residential hot water boilers. It is designed around the expressed needs of residential boiler installers and service techs for enhanced installation, operation, service and compact dimensions. Compatible with both gas- and oil-fired residential boilers.Taco

D-26F digital thermostat

Digital Thermostat

The D-26F digital thermostat is specifically designed for radiant floor heating systems. It is simple to install and operate without any programming steps. A 10-foot auxiliary remote sensor is provided to measure and control the slab temperature. In addition, an on/off switch can be used to turn off the relay output. Setpoint and floor temperature or room temperature is displayed on the backlit LCD screen.  Azel

Floor Panel

The FloorPanel system for dry, above-floor radiant heating applications features a unique design that easily secures 3/8-inch PEX tubing with 8-inch on-center spacing in any direction - straight runs, turns or both. Tongue-and-groove edges allow for quick interlocking installation and maximum surface continuity. Moisture-resistant MDF construction provides protection against high levels of humidity.ComfortPro

Therma-Floor® gypsum underlayment

Gypsum Underlayment

Therma-Floor® is a gypsum underlayment designed to pour over hot water tubes or electric heating cables. It acts as the thermal mass for any radiant floor system. Therma-Floor encases the tubes or cables in crack-resistant, noncombustible gypsum. It resists breakdown to 150 degrees F and, because it's poured only 1 1/4 inches thick, the heating system is more responsive and more comfortable. Maxxon Corp.

The FBSN Foamboard Stapler

Foamboard Stapler

The FBSN Foamboard Stapler is for infloor radiant heating installations. Solid one-piece aluminum magazine stands up to any rugged jobsite environment. A leaf spring-controlled stop automatically adjusts to set up staple and guide it through the fastening mechanism without risk of jamming or deforming staple.Malco Products

Mod/Con Commercial Condensing Boiler

Commercial ModCon

This new mod/con commercial condensing boiler features a high-grade Inconel load-matching gas burner with a 5:1 turndown to meet the variable needs for space heating and DHW in a single application. The 500,000 Btu/hr. model will operate as low as 100,000 Btu/hr. to save energy. Stack two at a time to double capacity while maintaining the same small footprint.Heat Transfer

DISCALAIR Solar 251 Series

Air Separator For Solar

The DISCALAIR Solar 251 Series air separator can increase the life of a solar heating system by continuously and automatically eliminating air, including microbubbles, from primary circuits. It removes corrosive gases mechanically in a process more economical and thermally efficient than a chemical process. Specially designed to work at both low and high temperatures with a glycol

Squire Indirect Water Heater

Enhanced Indirect

The Squire Indirect Water Heater has been enhanced. When used with a high-efficiency condensing boiler, Squire uses the energy generated to heat the home and also heat domestic water, consuming fuel more efficiently than a direct-fired water heater and significantly reducing operating costs. Lochinvar

Prestige Excellence wall-mount condensing boiler

Space, DHW All-In-One

The Prestige Excellence is a condensing wall-mounted boiler with a built-in “tank-in-tank” indirect-fired water heater. This 95 percent AFUE boiler incorporates a 15-gallon indirect-fired water heater in the cabinet that is capable of producing more than 180 gph of domestic hot water. Features a uniquely designed stainless-steel heat exchanger and is fully modulating between 30,000 and 110,000 Btu/hr.Triangle