Viessmann's Vitodens 200, the first wall-mounted boiler to be introduced in North America, won first place in the Best Overall Product and the Heating and Ventilation categories.

Roland Bleinroth, president of Messe Frankfurt Inc., announced the winners of the New Product Showcase competition Thursday morning. A brief description follows on each of the first-place winners.

Plumbing and Piping:
Trim Workstation, Plumbing 2000

The workstation allows plumbers to prefabricate and trim out all the components of a sink (up to 22 inches wide) either on the job site or at the contractor's shop in approximately 8 minutes. The normal install time, according to Jerry Arvin, president of Plumbing 2000, is about 25 minutes. The prefab work includes attaching supply lines, spray hose and garbage disposer with a trap arm. Arvin said he spent $250,000 and four years to bring the product to the market.

Industrial Products:
Grease Interceptor Flow Control, Canplas Industries

The product provides a simple and quick method to solve grease interceptor flow control problems without having to make a service call. "One of the things we found is that the flow could get restricted from the buildup of food waste over time, and there was no way to clean it out," said Ron Marsden, business development manager. "In the new design, we've created a way to easily access that area if the orifice gets blocked up. To accomplish that, we've taken another one of our products, a backwater valve, and modified it. We've added a large clean-out, which gives kitchen workers the access they need without having to make a service call."

Kitchen and Bath:
Mare Kitchen, San-Ei Faucet

The kitchen faucet features a modern design with a click function to control water flow. After two years of research, San-Ei introduced its faucet designs at the 2001 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in April. The product became available in July 2001, but is waiting for its IAPMO approval. San-Ei Faucets is marketed in the U.S. exclusively through Red-White Valve Corp.

Software/Electronic Equipment:
e-distac, Management Software Systems

Business software (sales order entry, analysis and forecasting, AR and AP and financial reporting) that targets small- to medium-sized wholesale distributors in plumbing, HVAC/R, electrical and industrial supply, now offers an application service provider (ASP) that allows users to connect to the company's mainframe to access information, upgrades or maintenance.

Tools and Equipment:
The Brick, Liberty Pumps

To avoid debris being sucked into the sump pump, the manufacturer developed "The Brick," a platform that raises the pump 2.5 inches off the bottom of the pit. The platform replaces unstable materials once used to elevate sump pumps. The Brick fits Liberty Pump series 220, 230, 240, 250, 270 and 280. It can withstand a fluid temperature of 140 degrees F. "The idea came from our marketing department," said Charles Cook, president and CEO. "We're not sure how successful it's going to be, but the response we're getting at the show has been surprisingly positive."

Best Overall Product:
Vitodens 200, Viessmann

The gas-fired condensing, wall-mounted boiler provides 94.2 AFUE. It features a stainless steel combustion chamber, modulation burner, and DC-drive motor. "It's a totally sealed combustion unit," said Robert Waters, manager, product education and training. "It has a double-piped venting system, so all the air for combustion is drawn from the outside; it works well in today's modern homes. Another feature is that it's absolutely silent. In Europe, you see a lot of these installed right in the living space, literally hanging in the kitchen or the laundry room."